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Pavement Signs Guide

A guide to the types of pavement signs and their uses

When you’re looking for street side advertising, there’s nothing quite like a pavement sign, they provide a wide range of uses and ignite interest in your business, attracting new customers to your establishment and increasing footfall. They can also be used to promote in store deals or promotions. One of the biggest benefits to pavement signs are the minimal maintenance, simply pop it out side your shop and let the sign do the rest. There are 4 different types of pavement signs that each offer unique purposes so no matter what kind of business you have or where your store is located, you’ll be sure to find the right pavement sign for you.

The key things to consider when looking to purchase a pavement sign is –

Size:  you’ll want your sign to be best size suited for your storefront.

Durability: and weather resistance, do you live in an area with particularly unstable or harsh weather conditions ?

Location: how large is the area of your store front and is it a densely crowed area ?

Longevity: are you looking to regularly update your messaging ? and of course,

Budget: with all these things in mind we’ve created this guide to hopefully further you’re understanding and aid your decision in purchasing a pavement sign that’s perfect for you.

Pavement Signs Guide

A Boards

A-boards are mostly seen outside hospitality establishments , such as restaurants, bars, cafes, and other similar businesses, they are most notable for their sturdy and durable frames, simply place it outside they will entice new customers in from the Highstreet. Another benefit to the A-board is their weather-proof design making them ideal for long term out doors displays, requiring little to no maintenance, however if at any point you wish to move or relocate your sign, they are foldable making for easy transportation, A boards come in a range of sizes but are mostly large format in order to make a greater impact on passing trade.

There are various different types of A-boards, which includes,

Poster displays – With this A-board you’ll have access to a blank space for poster displays, equipped with a transparent sheet of plastic to keep the posters protected from windy and rainy conditions. These are the ideal boards for any business that regular updates their promotions.

Vinyl printed panels –Your boards graphics will be printed directly onto the boards frame, ideal for business that are looking for a permanent sign display, they offer vibrant full colour displays.

Chalk boards – Perfect for business looking for that home-crafted look, chalkboards offer both a long-lasting message, or the opportunity to change it daily with custom messages using chalk pens. We would recommend chalkboards for restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Swing boards signs

Swing board signs have become recently popular due to the ability to withstand long outdoors displays, their swinging panel not only gives the board a modern and stylish look, but also makes them highly weather resistant, swinging panel boards are comprised of single panel that’s attached to a metal frame. The perfect sign for any business looking for a long lasting and durable sign. Like the other pavement signs, swing boards have also built up such a popularity due to their double sign displays, allowing for advertisements to be viewed from both sides of the pavement.

We would recommend Swing board to any business or establishment not looking to change their signs message often, or at all. Most swing signs have their graphics printed directly onto their panels, which are changeable, but costly. However we do offer poster frame models for those with their heart set on swing signs, who also wish to change their graphics often. Swing boards come in a vast range of sizes from the budget friendly a3 display of the Eco sign to the high impacting a1 size of the 4000, you’ll be sure to find a swing sign size that works for your shop front.

Pavement Signs Guide
Pavement Signs Guide

Forecourt signs

Forecourt signs have been constructed to be the heaviest and most weather resistant of all the sign types, their perfect for large format posters which makes them ideal for road side  and large area displays, making them popular with retail stores, super markets, and auto-mobile service industries. Alongside their durability the popularity stems from their visibility, with a forecourt sign you’ll be sure to make a huge impression on potential customers.

All forecourt signs come equipped with weighted bases which gives them their inherent sturdiness and wind resistance, they either are poster or banner displays, making it easy to swap out any graphics, rendering them the ideal sign for any business with regularly scheduled  sales, promotions, or events. With certain forecourt models you’ll have optional header banners available to purchase , making them even more eye catching than any other regular pavement sign

However due to their large forms and heaviness they are not ideal for pavement displays in small or crowed areas.

Eco-flex Pavement signs

Eco- flex signs provide you all the style, and effectiveness, while staying environmentally friendly. They are a low-cost, high impact sign, ideal for road side and pavement displays, and with a range of size options to choose from. Eco flexes have double sided vinyl printed graphic panel displays, and are also available in HPL chalkboard formats, making them ideal not only for long term displays, but short-term advertisements as well.

Eco flex signs are an environmentally conscious alternative to regular advertising approaches, as there made from rubberized materials that can be broken down and  recycled into new products, making them much more ecological friendly than its plastic counter parts. Due to these factors eco- flexes have been booming in popularity in recent years as business become more considerate of environmental issues.

The ‘flexi’ in their name stems from the fact there crafted from rubber materials making them bend and warp as desired, giving them a resilient form against windy conditions.

Pavement Signs Guide

As you can see there’s a great number of sign types for you to choose from, each with different uses and qualities. So no matter what kind of business you run, from retail to hospitality and services you should definitely consider this simple, low cost, and effective advertising method.

If you have any other questions about pavement signs or are looking for a more in-depth recommendation you can contact us at – info@signsandstickers.co.uk or use the below form and we’ll do our best to help with your queries.