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Pavement Signs

Pavement signs are a great way to get noticed and is one of the oldest forms of outside advertising. They great for trying to bring new customers into your business as well as enticing existing customs with eye catching offers and promotions.

Also known as A-boards, A-frames, sandwich boards and kerb signs they are available in a wide range of styles, materials, and sizes to suit any situation and budget. Some have permanent graphics whilst others allow you to change the graphics when needed by way of a snap frame or poster holder.

What is your budget?

With so many different styles and types of pavement sign on the market the price can differ greatly depending on your requirements. An internal poster snap frame type advertising sign can cost as little as £35.00 (without posters) but this would only be suitable for internal use. Some of the larger swinger signs can be as much as £500 for a large eye-catching forecourt sign which are able to handle even the most extreme weather conditions.

What size do you require?

A very important question when deciding on your pavement sign. Are you trying to catch the eye of a passing pedestrian or a vehicle passing your business at speed?
Obviously, for the latter, bigger is better but you must keep in mind that some areas like high streets may be governed by size due to things like the width of the pavement and restrictions imposed by the council. We always recommend checking  with your local authority when deciding what pavement sign is right for you and your business.

What material is right for your brand?

The material of your kerb sign is almost as important as the message that it conveys.

Is your business trying to project a modern aesthetic or are you trying to give your customers a more rustic feel? A pavement sign for a pub will usually differ in material and style to pavement sign that for an estate agent or fish & chip shop. Some of our pavement signs come with metal boards for permanent advertising or some with a chalk board so you can add and change your own message. For our econscious customers many of our pavement signs come with recycled plastic basses. Please check the listing specifics for full details of the materials used in each sign.


An eye-catching design is everything! The nicest pavement sign with a bad design will give your customer all the wrong messages. What information to include is also something to consider. Provide your customer with the message you need them to hear without overloading the sign with too much information. Sometimes less really is more! Images are also a great way to advertise your products or services but be sure to use nice high-quality, high-resolution images to really show off what you do best.

You’re welcome to send us your design or for a small additional change you can leave it to the pros. We have designed 100’s of advertisements over the year and we know what work to really sell your business.