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Custom workwear


For professional and high-quality customised workwear

Create a professionally looking work uniform, with our custom workwear. With your logo displayed bold and clear you’ll not only be getting your business identity out there but sending the right message to your clients that you care about professionalism. We provide both print and embroidery services, as well as a vast range of garments that can be customised. Choose between a printed logo for guarantied impact on your customers. Or keep it simple, effective, and transparent with our text option. With such a wide range of options to choose from you’ll be guaranteed to craft the perfect work uniform no matter, profession, budget, and work environment.

Find the right garments for your occupation

Our large selection of garments means that no matter what profession you work in you’ll be able to find suitable clothing for your business.

  • Keep warm during those bitter months with our Fleeces, Jackets, Gilets, and Body warmers. This way your branding can stay proudly displayed even on your outerwear. It’s the perfect workwear solution for those working in outdoors environments.
  • For a classic professional looking workwear staple, our polo shirts  accompanied by an embroidered logo will provide the perfect high-performance shirt. Often considered the workwear standard for many professions.
  • For personal trainers we provide water proof and light weight T-shirts, ideal for work outs so you can stay comfortable and professional looking while on the job.
  • For industrial and construction workings, and any other occupations where safety is absolutely vital, we provide a wide range of safety compliant Hi-vis safety clothing. With varieties suitable for all year round.
  • For casual work environments or event promotions, our super comfortable hoodies and sweatshirts will do the trick. The perfect plain base for customisation.
  • And complete your workwear uniform with customised trousers and shorts. With options suited to every occupation.

Our garments are available in a huge range of colours and size options too, so you’ll be able to provide uniform for every member of your work team. Not only that but we provide different garments to suit every budget.

Our customisation isn’t just limited to workwear however, if your wish to create a custom gift or showcase your own design.

 What you can expect from our print and embroidery services

Here at signs and stickers we aim to provide you with the highest quality print and embroidery services. We take pride in both our printing and embroidery in being durable and long lasting. You can expect your prints to be printed with high definition, vivid colour, and fade resistance. Our embroidery will give you a professional ‘industry standard’ look to your uniform. If you’re looking for a more in depth look at print and embroidery, you find our guide to garment customisation’s methods here.


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