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Floor Stickers

Vinyl floor stickers are the perfect and cost-effective solution to implementing clear directional or informational signage around your establishment. Clear directions around your store can help both customers and employees navigate there way around with ease. They are ideal for retail businesses, especially larger scale stores where navigation is essential.

What floor stickers do we provide ?

We provide both premade general safety stickers and custom designs. Our premade stickers are made to promote workplace / general safety and prevention for injuries. Our custom printed stickers come in a wide range of sizes  with two shape options to choose from. The custom stickers are great from not only directional signs but for promotional and advertisements too. All of our stickers are printed in a vibrant full colour, with eco-solvent inks making them long lasting and scratch proof.

How to apply the floor stickers ?

All of floor stickers come with self-adhesive backing, remove the backing, and apply to a clean dust free hard floor. Because of this there’s no need for additional adhesives or tools to apply your stickers, making them super simple to use.


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  • Floor Safety Stickers

    Floor Safety Stickers

    £5.97£11.94 (inc VAT)
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  • Custom printed floor stickers

    Custom printed floor stickers

    £23.94£43.92 (inc VAT)
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