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Menu and Information Displays


Looking to display your menu with style?

We provide a wide range of options for menu and information displays. Freestanding and wall mounted, and table top options are all available here. So no matter if you have space limitations or big ambitions for your displays, you’ll be able to find something suitable. Menu displays are an essential for any restaurant, café, or bar.

Our menu displays multipacks are perfect for counters and table tops and bar sides, with both tilted and upright displays available. Made with clear acrylic so that no part of your menu will be obscured. We also provide single sided and double-sided options.

What can our menu stands offer ?

stylish and innovative our freestanding displays allow for freedom with placement, if placed in optimal spots they can really draw in a crowd. If you’re looking to alternate between a landscape and portrait display our decorative menu board is the ideal stand for you. Or why not take a look at our Hi-Light menu stand for a sophisticated look with LED powered backlighting.

For wall mounted displays we offer frames with optional headers for a standout look. LED backlit frames which are perfect for establishments with dimmed lighting. And Frames with lockable front panels if wish to display them outside.

So no matter how you wish to showcase your menu with our Menu and Information Displays you’ll be sure to find an option suited for your business. We also provide a poster printing service for large format menus and flyer printing for smaller handouts.


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  • i-Stand Menu Display

    £44.47 (inc VAT)
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  • Straight Talkers Menu Display

    Straight Talkers Menu Display

    £5.99£199.95 (inc VAT)
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  • Decorative Menu Board

    Decorative Menu Board

    £39.20£55.22 (inc VAT)
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  • Clear Menu Holders

    Clear Menu Holders

    £8.42£60.26 (inc VAT)
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  • Illuminated Slimlok 3 Menu Case

    £85.44£166.95 (inc VAT)
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  • Portland Menu stand

    £76.95£104.95 (inc VAT)
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