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Flying Banner

Looking for an effective, eye-catching outdoors display ?
Flying banner, also known as event flags, are a wildly popular way of displaying brand awareness, and other promotional material with style. Used by charities, event organisers and festival booths there the perfect way to get your brands identity out there.
What types of flying banners do we offer?
Made from a high quality and lightweight polyester, these banners will gently flutter in the wind catching the attention of any crowd, our banners are held up using a high strength sectional carbon fibre pole. With 3 attractive shapes to choose from you’ll be able to craft a truly unique and personalized banner, our teardrop banner is super eye catching , for a classic look try our rectangle banner, with a larger double-sided counterpart available, or feather for a super fluttery and flowy banner display. All of our banners are easy to set up and take down making them convenient for temporary or long-term displays, and easy to pack away for transportation.
We offer a large range of base options so no matter what terrain or surface your banner will be displayed on you can guarantee that it will stay perfectly put. From the simple ground spike to the heavy and sturdy tank base, we also offer horizontal, vertical and angled wall mounts. You can also purchase them individually if your ever in need of a replacement.

What can our flying banners offer you?
Our Flying banners will provide you with exceptionally , high quality promotional banner display. So why not be at the forefront of the flying banner trend today.


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  • Feather Flying Banners

    Feather Flying Banners

    £82.70£136.64 (inc VAT)
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  • Flying Banner Accessories

    Flying Banner Accessories

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  • Teardrop Flying Banners

    £76.82£125.05 (inc VAT)
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  • Rectangle Flying Banners

    Rectangle Flying Banners

    £84.86£122.65 (inc VAT)
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  • Giant Flag-Pole Flying banner

    Giant Flag-Pole Flying banner

    £271.62£301.80 (inc VAT)
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