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Site Boards

The best way to advertise on site

Site boards are essential for builders, trades men, electricians and construction workers. They are used to display site information, safety requirements or general advertising hoarding around work sites. Our boards are printed in vivid full colour, using durable, fade-resistant inks.

We offer three different material types for our boards.



  • Correx (polypropylene fluted board) 

also known as polypropylene fluted board, Correx is the industry standard for a wide range of applications and industries, thanks to its versatility, low cost, and durability. Correx is crack-resistant and as a result has a useful long-term lifespan, making it highly cost effective. The rigidity and hard-wearing qualities that Correx sheets provide make it ideal for outdoor use.

  • Aluminium Composite 

Aluminium composite boards are heavy duty and stable signs, perfect for outdoor use. Extremely rigid, yet lightweight, this high-quality material is perfect for interior and exterior use.

  • Foamex 

PVC Foam is economic, versatile, and lightweight making it perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Foamex signs are highly durable and can be easily drilled, screwed, or nailed into a range of surfaces.

How will a site board benefit your business?

Site boards are the perfect way to keep your site safe, while doubling up as promotional material, all of our boards are lightweight and have easy installation, yet durable and long lasting so you can reuse them over and over again.


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  • Printed Site Boards

    Printed Site Boards

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  • Correx Site Board Bundle – 12x Printed Promotional Signs

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